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Friday, January 18, 2019

Xiaomi Mi Soundbar review: Powerful sound, crazy affordable

Xiaomi Mi Soundbar review: Powerful sound, crazy affordable

When you don’t have a good budget, it’s far from easy to set up a home theater-like experience. Now we have a soundbar which promises to create a home theatre-like experience at half the cost. A soundbar that can boost your TV audio to a large extent without needing a separate box in the corner.
Xiaomi, known for its Redmi smartphones and Mi TVs, has introduced just that, but not at the Rs 10,000 price point we would expect for such a product. The Mi Soundbar is well tailored to undercut the competition and deliver a surround sound experience, but at just Rs 4,999. Clean looks, booming sound, multiple functions and everything else you might need at a really competitive price.
Here is our detailed review of Xiaomi Mi Soundbar.
Xiaomi Mi Soundbar price in India: Rs 4,999

Xiaomi Mi Soundbar review: Look and feel, connectivity

A lot of stress has put in designing the Mi Soundbar and it shows. The design is definitely minimal and pleasing. The bar easily blends with interiors of your living room, or bedroom. It’s a good looking unit, although available only in white, as it is wrapped in a mesh fabric which covers the front of the bar.

Xiaomi Mi Soundbar review: Performance

The Mi Soundbar features eight drivers – two 20mm dome speakers to ensure a wide spread of audio, two 2.5” woofers to give the extra bass and four passive radiators.
So what does it sound like? Is it better than other soundbars? Speaking of which: I am not an audiophile and haven’t even owned a soundbar ever. This is my first real exposure to a soundbar. That being said, I was really impressed by the audio quality. To test the bar’s performance, I watched Andhadhun over the weekend. Based on my experience, the system’s real strength is definitely its booming bass, which packs a real punch. In fact, I did not notice any real distortion even high volumes. Initially, I wasn’t sure whether it would be able to create an engulfing surround sound experience, but the Mi Soundbar proved me wrong.

Xiaomi Mi Soundbar review: Conclusion

At Rs 4,999, Xiaomi’s Mi Soundbar really impresses. My verdict is not entirely based on its competitive pricing as it’s performance is also good. The Mi Soundbar can make you feel like you are sitting in a cinema hall and that is the biggest win in my opinion. It’s hard not to recommend the Mi Soundbar at this price. Use it with TV, or play music via Bluetooth, it’s got everything covered.

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